From as far back as my high school days, I wanted to compose music. Although my program and my schedule during college weren’t conducive to this, when I was thinking about grad school, I specifically wanted to find somewhere that I could learn about composition. This lead me to get my Masters of Music in Music Technology and Electronic Composition.

Some samples of my grad work:

  • Flock of Moose – a piece organized for a small, varied electronic music ensemble
  • The Green Hills of Earth – for electronic voice harmonizer and voice
  • The Charge of the Light Brigade – for Baritone and Piano
  • String Quartet – self-explanatory
  • The Chased Tail – a 3 movement marimba duet
  • Nine Days in the Sun – Electronic music to be set as the backdrop for a futuristic play of the same name.

Earlier (pre-any-training-whatsoever) work:

  • Breaking the Wind (Original Score)
  • Theme to Scram: The Movie