The Friendly Beasts

It all started when I was in graduate school, and didn’t have any money to buy Christmas gifts.

I did, however, have a home recording studio.

So, I got together the most musical of my friends and we recorded an album to give to friends and family. That lead to projects that continue to grow and become more intricate:

The Friendly Beasts – We Write You A Merry Christmas (2009)

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  1. Meowy Christmas
  2. Nadolig Llawen
  3. Indiana County
  4. Regifted Round
  5. Emmanuel
  6. I’ve Got A Guy (In The North Pole)
  7. Finding Jesus
  8. LOST Christmas
  9. Ain’t A Holiday
  10. Fruitcake
  11. Winter’s Greetings
  12. Egga Noggy
  13. All The King’s Drummers
  14. Holiday (W)rap
  15. Toys of Christmas Past
  16. Don’t Forget to Wake Us Up For Christmas

Five Golden Sings (2008)

“Muppet” Christmas Carols (2008)

All I Want – Four Christmas (2007)

We Three Sings (2006)

Bonus: Newt’s Secret Santa (2005)